As a copywriter with over 15 years of experience, I have sung the praises of
just about everything from ant killers to zit busters. Having worked as an agency copywriter, as an in-house writer for a Fortune 500 corporation, and as a freelance writer, I am used to developing concepts and writing copy for print, radio, TV, direct mail, collateral, public relations and web on a daily basis.

I want to help your organization or company reach its target audience and move them to action. I can help you create powerful communication messages that speak directly to your audience and motivate them to buy your product, reply to your offer or subscribe to your service.

In addition, I can help you reach the over 12 million Hispanic Americans living
in the USA—in English or Spanish. I can create a message in English and Spanish, or “transcreate” existing copy from one language to the other.
I am well aware of cultural, regional and language issues that need to be considered when writing or translating copy for the U.S. Hispanic market
or Latin American markets.

I invite you to browse through these pages, look at some of my work samples, and to contact me. I will be glad to evaluate your marketing needs and offer you a free quote. I look forward to working with you. Enjoy your visit!