Having decided early on that she wanted to become an advertising copywriter, Denise Santana pursued and received a Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Public Communication from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master’s degree in Arts in Mass Communication from the University of Florida. She worked for several marketing communications agencies in Puerto Rico, including Wunderman, Lintas and Comstat-Rowland, and taught an Advertising Copywriting class at the Sacred Heart University.

After moving to the continental U.S. in 1999, she joined Capital One Financial Corporation in Tampa, Florida as a Bilingual Copywriter and translator for the company’s Hispanic Line of Business the following year. In 2003 she was transferred to Richmond, Virginia, where she handled Hispanic marketing initiatives, as well as several lines of business targeting the U.S. general market.

In 2007 she left Capital One to move back to Florida with her family. She now lives in Kissimmee and works as an independent copywriter, translator and interpreter. Recent clients include: Abrazo Multicultural Marketing, CK Direct, and Suá Advertising, among others.

Some of Ms. Santana’s highlights include:

- Over 10 years of experience in marketing communications,
with advanced writing skills.

- Bilingual English-Spanish. Advanced translation skills.
Broad knowledge of the US Hispanic market.

- Writes/translates accurate copy, taking into account potential cultural,
regional and language issues.