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Wal-Mart looks to Hispanic market

8 Industries for Bilingual Workers

What's Up (and Down) in the U.S. Hispanic Market
Fifth Annual Guide

Sooo true!
I saw this article on AdWeek and it made me chuckle. It's soo true!

Sadly, this phenomenon is not unique to the English language. Silly, weird or plain wrong messages in Spanish can also be found just about anywhere.

Hey, we don't need to communicate like Shakespeare or Cervantes, but wouldn't it be nice to add a little flair to language?

Being Relevant is Important for Multicultural Audiences
This article talks about the expected raise in the US Hispanic population. They're projected to make up 29% of the U.S. population in 2050, compared with 14% in 2005.

I also saw this article on AdAge. It talks about the importance of being relevant when talking to multicultural audiences.
It includes some interesting pointers about these markets, too.
We used to discuss issues like these when I was working for the Hispanic Line of Business at Capital One. Most Hispanics said that they didn't like the media to stereotype them. We're about a lot more than soccer, bright colors and family (even though these are the themes/situations that the media constantly pounds on when trying to appeal to us.)