Concept development for English or Spanish campaigns.

Product name/slogan development.

Copywriting for most media, including Print, Radio,
TV and Direct Mail.

Experienced in Advertising, Public Relations, Direct Marketing and promotions. These include Press releases, PR ads or campaigns, brochures, promotional copy, interactive copy and many others.

Questions about a specific service? Please contact me.

Service terms

Copywriting pricing can be based per project or per hour, as well as copy adaptations/transcreations (translations that require heavy creative input, i.e.,
a magazine ad or a radio or TV commercial).

Straight translation pricing can be based per word or, in the case of translation/transcription of audio material, per recorded hour. Please contact me at for rates or a detailed fee schedule

Rush fees will be added to projects with 48-hour turnaround (or less).
Rush fees will be 30% of the total project fee.

If a project is put on hold (or 'killed') for any reason after copy is finalized,
full payment of project fee is expected.

If the project is put on hold (or 'killed') for any reason during the copywriting process, compensation for all hours invested up to that point will be expected.

All fee-based project estimates include two rounds of revisions.
Any further revision rounds will be billed additionally at my hourly rate.

Major changes in copy strategy or direction after copy is finalized will be considered as extra revisions and billed additionally at my hourly rate.

Please contact me at or 407-574-8923
for specific information.